“Here’s the thing about invincible ignorance – it’s f**kin’ invincible. Leave it alone!”

Instead, use “vincible ignorance.” Just end run it. In other words, you’re not going to change misinformation if it’s already widely accepted.

When I was a full-time small arms trainer we called this “tribal wisdom”, nonsense blindly accepted from an idiot perceived as a “village elder,” usually a drill sergeant/instructor or a fellow Marine/Soldier that had previously deployed or served in a “high speed” unit. Rarely were their proclamations questioned. One simple but well-constructed range exercise would have settled the matter but nobody ever bothered or had enough sense to construct such a test.

Ironically, this good observation is coming from Greg Glassman and CrossFit, a group that has been known to make its own statements of invincible ignorance…. but anyway. The concepts stated in this video are good.

For some examples of CF flavored ignorance: