Most military and police training is really just an exposure to a basic familiarization of ideas.

The real problem is that recruits in law enforcement and military have a low intensity of initial training, a low intensity of regular practice requirements, and a low bar for qualification. This means the training is not ingrained. Worse, the initial low levels that allowed a passing score during initial training are never raised. The qualification used for brand new recruit is the same used for a twenty year veteran.

It’s sort of like barbell training for strength development. You can have someone discuss concepts of strength training, watch someone perform a barbell back squat, try it with an empty bar, receive a “Go” for successfully performing the movement and then claim to “know how” to do it.

This claim has the same merit as most public sector training. You received instruction, watched a demonstration, practiced hands on, performed the technique and were deemed “qualified.”

The truth is, unless you can handle a bar loaded to at least 1.5 times your body weight and perform this lift doing deep, below-parallel reps with good form, you really haven’t learned it and won’t reap the benefits. “Knowing how” doesn’t make you stronger until you can move a decent amount of weight through a full range of motion with good form.

Same with shooting. Police and military are exposed to shooting ideas but really haven’t learned them. “Knowing how” means nothing unless it includes demonstrating skill at a higher, measurable level.