Guest article from Tom Hudson,

Revolvers Rock
by Tom Hudson

I had the pleasure of shooting the new Smith and Wesson M&P R8 recently and man was that fun. For those of you that do not know, the S&W R8 is an eight shot .357 Magnum revolver. It is built on a scandium frame with a stainless steel cylinder. It has rails and a well-balanced feel in your hand. The revolver shot well and the recoil was almost non-existent, even with the full Magnum loads. I found that putting shots on target was really easy with this handgun even the send and third shots. I was fortunate enough to get to shoot one since they tend to be difficult to find. Shooting this gun really confirmed my love of revolvers.

I love revolvers because they are easy to use, easy to clean and very rarely malfunction. They are very versatile because they come in so many configurations and calibers. Some of the most exotic handgun calibers are found in the revolver format; .44 Magnum, .357 Magnum, .500 Magnum, .45-70, .460 Magnum, .454 Casull, .327 Magnum and the list goes on and on. I am lucky enough to have shot all of the calibers listed above and had a blast doing it. There truly isn’t anything like shooting full .500 Magnum loads to get your heart racing. I do have to admit however, that after shooting the .45-70 I do not want to ever shoot it again in a revolver.

Revolvers can be used for hunting, plinking, home defense and concealed carry. I know that many people have abandoned the revolver for the pistol and I totally understand and respect this decision. The revolver does have its limitations. Law enforcement has gone away from the revolver because of capacity issues. I do not ever see them coming back to the revolver especially with the advancement in calibers for the pistol that have been made over the last 20 plus years. But none of this diminishes the fun that the revolver presents to the shooter.

Shooting a revolver does take some work if you want to be good with it. The trigger pull tends to be heavier and the recoil is also a totally different experience from what you get with say a Glock or a Sig. But if you haven’t ever shot a revolver find a friend that has one and convince them to take you out shooting. I promise you will love it and maybe just maybe you will fall in love with them like I have. If you want to see someone that knows what they are doing with a revolver check out Jerry Miculek, the man is an expert with the revolver. He is amazing when it comes to accuracy and speed. Watch his videos, you will be blown away.

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