Revolvers for Bullseye
by Robert Kolesar

I have a job that many shooters wouldn’t mind doing. I’m assigned to the USAR Service Pistol Team, and I shoot daily when I’m training for the big matches. It’s not all fun and games, though…lots of testing is involved, picking out the best ammo and lot numbers that suit my particular pistols.

The last few years, revolvers have made a comeback in bullseye, with several dedicated matches for wheelguns. At Camp Perry there are two-the Harry Reeves Match and the Revolver Distinguished Match. Being a military service pistol shooter, these matches are fun and excellent practice with a different handgun platform. Here’s my chosen revolver that I’ll be using…a limited production M68 6" in .38 Special that I bought as a young policeman in the LAPD Revolver Club.

M68 .38 Special, built for the LAPD in the mid-80’s.

M68s (.38 Special version of the 66) were made for the LAPD and the CHP.

LAPD version of the M68. Barrel marked "LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT". I had my badge and initials engraved on the sideplate.

I sent my revolver back to S&W years ago for installation of a post (patridge) front sight; a much better target sight than the red ramp. Action was also tuned by the LAPD armorers and the trigger serrations ground off and trigger face polished.

Lots of different loads were tested, including 158 gr RNLs and 148 gr wadcutters. I settled on Rem 158 RNLs and Fed 148 gr WCs.

Preferred grip for me has always been the Pachmayr "Presentation" in small size. I have a few without the gaudy emblem stashed away for future projects.

Proper grip for single action fire with a revolver. Thumb is high (for rapid thumb-cocking) and the revolver is in-line with the forearm. Finger tip is used when shooting SA.

After a little practice and playing with grip and zero, a satisfying timed-fire target at 25 yards. Good shooting with a wheelgun is do-able, but you gotta practice!