From USPSA Production champion, Ben Stoeger

One of the more important training fallacies I see is how some people think that slow fire group shooting equates to “accuracy practice”.

I see this on a fairly regular basis. Some dude generally practices up close. 7 or 10 yards or whatever. He goes as fast as he can. He rips off the fastest draw and splits possible.

When it is time for accuracy training, he does slow fire group shooting. No time limit, no nothing. He just does the slow controlled trigger press and tries to get a really nice little group.

All of that is great, but there is a big gaping hole in that training. It just doesn’t prepare you to be accurate at a USPSA event. There isn’t time get a perfect trigger press for every “accurate” shot. You need to learn to speed that process up, but be just a hair more sloppy with it. You need to develop the whole spectrum. Not just as fast and sloppy as you can pull the trigger and “take all day” speed. You need to develop the part that is in the middle, that is where the matches tend to happen.