Emmaus High School is a rarity in that it actually has a shooting team as a part of its athletic department. The school caused a bit of an uproar when its 2013 yearbook omitted any mention of this team.

The school claims the omission was accidental. Not surprisingly, a number of pro-gun people cried foul, claiming the team was a victim of a liberal agenda. Possibly.

I think Thomas Seidenberger, the school’s Superintendent, may have explained the problem better by noting, “that most high schools don’t even have rifle teams anymore.”

This is more telling and, sadly, is the fault of gun owners. Organized shooting events aren’t more popular because most gun owners don’t participate. 98% of the NRA membership doesn’t hold a classification in any NRA event, despite the fact that every NRA member can hold at least a “Marksman” card simply by showing up to a Sanctioned/Approved/Registered event, regardless of score. And these events are published in Shooting Sports USA which available online for free. Problem is, they’d first have to show up…

Before protesting, indicate which organized disciplines you currently compete/participate and hold classifications in.

If the honest answer is “none”, you have your reason why shooting teams like this remain ignored. Gun owners don’t care enough to show up, so why should the general media bother to pay attention?

The same goes for Junior teams. Getting young people involved is a great idea, but I’ve met far too many adult organizers that don’t currently, and never have, participated in the event the Junior team is supposed to promote! If it’s such a great idea for youngsters, why isn’t it an equally good idea for adults to do likewise, especially if they’re involved with the kid’s team?

But, pointing out such things just makes people mad at me. Better to blame those damn liberals than look in the mirror and ask why shooting sports aren’t more popular.