Attention is respectfully invited to Captain Leefe’s suggestion of a metal oil bottle. The magazine rifle is a small machine demanding more intelligent care from the soldier than the 1873 Springfield rifle. Certain working parts must be kept lightly oiled. The old idea that the soldier’s piece must not show, at inspection, any signs of oil must give away to the necessity for keeping these parts lubricated.

Brigadier General John Taliaferro Thompson

This quote from BG John Thompson, inventor of the Thompson submachine gun (“Tommy gun”) predates the Spanish-American War and referenced user feedback on the Krag-Jørgensen rifle.

Talking to TACOM personnel working at the Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center reveals the biggest detriment to military weapon serviceability is inflicted by the Soldiers doing stupid things, usually taught and reinforced by drill sergeants and other ignorant leaders, in the name of cleaning.

Most military-issued firearms are worn out or damaged by excessive and/or improper cleaning. We should stop using the word “clean” and start using “maintain.” A properly maintained firearm is NOT white glove clean. More on this here: Moron Cleaning Guns (Just Maintain Them, Please!)

Amazing. That mindset (oil is bad) has been passed down from generation to generation in the military, and it’s the source of a lot of problems.