Jason Falla discusses the importance of competition shooting and its value to tactical training.

I just finished assisting with the conduct of the Warrior Competition at KASOTC, Amman Jordan. We ran 4 days of competition with competitors from various Special Operations Units around the world. At each stage of competition the teams started with weapons unloaded to mitigate any safety issues.

Not realistic, right? These competitions and drills are seldom about tactics, just speed and accuracy. Shooting. Tactics are trained at other times and do come together during drills.

This is a stress course for time, shooting paper. The shooters only needed to move to the shooting position, engage targets, engage safety catch, move to the next shooting position and so on. Safety is a big consideration when conducting even basic courses of fire.

Don’t over think it!

Jason Falla, Redback One

This course of fire is readily adaptable to tactical trainees and competitive shooting events. All successful shooters need to manage speed and accuracy. Tactical shooters that are able to will be better able to think and react in a real world environment.

Managing Speed & Accuracy