Paul Gomez, TotalProtectionInteractive put this out after a frustrating encounter with a gun industry personality known for aggressive self promotion. When asked for specifics and standards about his program, said personality wouldn’t (or couldn’t) provide any concrete answers or any metric on how he measures skill.

I’m not wanting to pick on anybody here, but Gomez’s comments were directed at Rob Pincus specifically. I’m posting it because it applies to many others offering tactical-related instruction.

The skill level as an author demonstrated by Rob Pincus in this thread is simply amazing. Question after question has been asked in an attempt to clarify and discuss what is taught in his Combat Focus Shooting program and, after five days, the community is no clearer than when this discussion began.

There is not a member of the TPI (Total Protection Interactive) community so short-sighted as to suggest that time is the only, or even most, important factor in a fight.

There is not a member of the community who would suggest that all shooting should be done with a hard front sight focus or even from eye-level.

There is not a member of this community who does not appreciate the need for unknown contact management skills, unarmed skills and a whole myriad of other skills that must be worked in a holistic, integrated fashion.

It was my hope that we could have a discussion concerning efficiency and efficacy in training, but we haven’t even been able to agree on the need for objective standards by which to judge these attributes!

It is nonsensical to define any sort of ‘accuracy’ in such a way as to equate missing the threat completely as acceptable.

It is nonsensical to claim that efficiency cannot or should not be tied to an objective standard.

I’m left with the feeling that the Combat Focus Shooting program is more concerned with enhancing the students perception of his ability than dealing with measurable, objective performance.