>> if you want to get good at shooting take up hunting of all different
kinds with all different weapon and game types… that’s how you learn to
pick up any gun and shoot it dead on within a few shots…


Hunters without some other shooting experience typically lack solid fundamentals because hunting is a poor way to develop these skills. Compared to organized range practice or competition, shots taken in the field are too random and infrequent to effectively train marksmanship.

Hunting is a great test of already-developed shooting skills but a poor way to learn them.

Set up any form of recognized scored course of fire at a Sight In Day and let hunters (those that are brave enough to step up and try) shoot it for record. Their results will prove my point.

Ain’t much at hitting paper, but I’m deadly in the field” is garbage. A firearm doesn’t know the difference and only puts bullets where and when they are pointed.

The hunter’s skill will gladly hit either the middle a bullseye, silhouette, steel plate or other range target just as well as the the vitals of living game – if the skill is there. Any errant shots and lost points on the range indicate these firearm pointing skills are lacking.