Congratulations on doing so well at All Army. I do have a quick questions if you have a moment.

I’m shooting pistol and really trying to get my groups to less than 4 inches at 25 yards. I’m not there yet but improving. I still tend to shoot low and to the left. Right now I am shooting 3 inch groups at 15 yards but all are 1 inch low and 1 inch to the left.

What dry fire drill is best to help correct? Wall drill? The errors are reducing and I’m making progress.

Thanks and I enjoy your blog. It encourages me to always measure my shoots and work to improve.

– Steve Valadez

Shooting low and left is commonly the direction misdirected shots go, indicated a reaction (flinch) to the shot, especially for right-handed shooters. It’s been said shooter skill is measured in the quality of the bad shots. For the Expert/Master Bullseye competitor, this misdirection yields a nine (maybe an eight) at 25 yards. A more novice shooter is throwing them into the ground in front of full size silhouettes at 10-15 yards.

I’m assuming you’re shooting some type of typical, service/carry pistol. An ability to shoot three inch groups at 15 yards indicates there aren’t many flaws with fundamentals. Having such a group off center by an inch needs a sight adjustment. A service pistol from the factory will likely hit within 1-1.5 inches of point of aim or better at 10 yards.

For dry practice, wall drills are great. I’d also use scaled dry targets across the room to differentiate focus on sights vs. downrange. You’re at a level where there are no more easy fixes. It’s a matter of further refining what you’re already doing. Pay close attention to what your sights are doing as you shoot and get more particular about perfecting everything. Trust me, I’m still working on this myself!