Tactical Fantasy Camp

The open-enrollment firearms training industry continues to be an unruly mess. With no accreditation or even consistent standards, a gullible customer base that seems to value military/police credentials and war stories higher than instructor skill or actual instructional ability, and a profitability arms race that seeks to cram as many paying butts into the classes as possible, I genuinely worry about the future viability of professional firearms training. It’ll only take a few more mishaps and fatalities to cause either legislation or liability burden to shut the party down.

Kill your heroes. There’s no reason why a teacher has to be a flawless role model in order to impart knowledge, as long as their students are capable of applying their critical filter and do not fall into the trap of putting their guru on a pedestal to be worshiped.

The expert forum concept is probably fatally flawed. The effort to squeeze out the derp in favor of anointed experts only ended up mired in politics, sales floor antics, and corruption. Once you outsource your PR, you’ve outsourced your ethics as well.

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