This notion of there being some magical difference between competition/range technique and street/tactical technique is largely false, at least in terms of marksmanship and gun handling skill. Any efficient, practiced shooting or handling technique capable of winning in a practical match is probably the most efficient approach to winning elsewhere.

Street/tactical guys perform poorly at organized competition, especially practical shooting events, because they aren’t as skilled as they think they are. Period.

Isolate the motion of a presentation to the target in training to remove unwanted, extraneous, wasteful motion. Once an efficient presentation is learned there, as proven by MEASURABLE improvement to some sort of standard, it can be incorporated with any needed defensive movement. Moving your hips back or other defensive movement or response might be a good idea if it serves a needed purpose. Doing it as a spastic, untrained motion needlessly wastes time.

There are many practical shooting events where “staying rooted” means losing. Movement there is part of the course and rewarded in the score.

The sad thing, in the video the demonstrations of an “isolated draw”… aren’t. While not terrible, there is a good deal of wasted motion and slop typical of a less skillful gun handler. The kind of person that gets low scores in competition because he lacks the practiced, skillful gun handling needed for top performance.