Only about 2.6% of NRA members are competitive shooters.

Chip Lohman, Editor
Shooting Sports USA – NRA Competition Shooting News

Shooting Sports USA is a great magazine. However, as the magazine’s editor Chip Lohman points out, around 98 in 100 card-carrying NRA membership has never attended a formal NRA marksmanship event.

How would the state of gun rights, the availability of ranges, and the marksmanship skill of gun owners improve if this increased to five or ten percent?

Consider that a ten percent participation rate of NRA shooting events among NRA members would be a fivefold increase and this would still mean 90 out of 100 card carrying NRA members aren’t participating.

This sort of thing doesn’t concern low-level marksmen or non-shooters but it would help all gun owners if more of them participated in some kind of organized events.