The Everyday Marksman

I’m slowly working my way through Pete Lessler’s Guide to Rifle Marksmanship. I happened to read a passage last night early in the book that resonated a bit (I hope he doesn’t mind if I quote it). In this section, he is talking about the mindset of a rifle shooter, and how they should actually enjoy their rifle.

“Take pleasure in its form and function, its heft and balance, its precision engineering and manufacture, and its example of artistic craftsmanship. It should make you smile when you handle it. Those of you who are professional soldiers, serious martial artists, or have a serious interest in weaponry of any kind (even your bolt-action hunting rifle is directly descended from the Mauser 98 military rifle) will know what I mean when I say that handling a good rifle should bring a warm glow of pleasure. And if you are in the…

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