Pistol Reload: Slide Stop vs. Slingshot (Power Stroke)
by Larry A. Vickers

The gross motor skill argument has been overplayed. The sling shot technique is fine on many different types of pistols; it is definitely slower than using the slide release and on some pistols it is to be avoided ( Beretta M9 for example) as it can interfere with decocker style safeties.

It has been billed as the one size fits all slide release technique and it is not; there is no one size fits all technique for sending the slide back into battery.

The technique I like the least is slide stop release by the strong hand thumb (for most pistols being used by a right hander) – the reason is many/ most shooters leave the thumb in the immediate vicinity of the slide stop instead of moving it away while finalizing the grip after a slide lock reload- this in many cases prevents the slide from locking to the rear when empty or, potentially even worse, bumps the slide stop up into the locked position with ammo remaining in the magazine- I have seen this many times- so much so I specifically recommend against releasing the slide with the strong hand thumb and tell shooters to use the support hand thumb release technique or sling shot only after a slide lock reload.

The best bet is educate yourself on what makes sense for you and the pistol you use and go from there.