A Forgotten Training Aid
by John Tate

Regardless of the splendid benefits of dry fire training, eventually a shooter needs to shoot – to send lead down range. However, there a many valid factors that constrain those opportunities, such as access to a shooting range; inclement weather*, and lately, inability to find .22 ammunition.

Friends, there is a cure: The Air Gun..

Whether air rifle or air pistol, air gun practice is good practice! Some of the benefits:

  • There are some entirely adequate air guns on the market for a pittance of what firearms cost.
  • The propellant for pump actions is free.
  • .177 or .22 pellets are not hard to find … and with a good bullet trip, some can even be re-used.†
  • You can shoot airgun in your own home: in the basement; down the hall; even across a room.
  • Follow through is dramatically reinforced, because, especially with an air rifle, you can begin dropping the arm before the pellet gets out of the barrel.


* On the other hand, warriors will do well to take advantage of opportunities to shoot in foul weather. Wars don’t stop for storms. And for competition, there are a lot of folks who won’t train in the rain. If you know how and thus don’t care, you’ll have a definite advantage!

† I’m told this is not recommended. Not sure why. When not materially deformed, used pellets work fine for me.