Bob Kolesar, a high level competitive shooter, seasoned gun fighter in law enforcement and military environments, LAPD and US Army veteran with decades of experience, penned this treatise on his preferred approach to training:

In the article Kolesar mentioned Col. Charles Askins and Bill Allard, two other highly seasoned gun fighters both with astoundingly good competitive backgrounds.

Being the Internet, random, anonymous people will cast aspirations. One bit was rather telling, specifically,

“Because two gun fighters said they focused on their sights proves nothing.”


This is not a mere two examples as claimed. Allard and Askins represent many dozens of examples.

Allard is widely considered to be the deadliest gunfighter in NYPD history. With nearly two dozen separate shootings, many of which involved multiple perpetrators, he racked up a 100% hit rate. That is, every he round fired was accounted for and hit his intended target.

While we ponder NYPD hit rates and how low they allegedly are, we ignore the best example of what good performance is supposed to look like and fixate on what the rest of the lesser trained did.

Askins was in even more shootings with the Border Patrol and his tally is higher still. These are not two random examples of competition shooters that each happened to survive a scrap. Askins and Allard’s experiences are the sum of about four dozen different shootings. It would seem their competition shooting experience didn’t hamper their real world success.

You can take the advice of random, anonymous people on the Internet. Or you can follow the path taken by some of the greatest shooters and gun fighters in history. The choice is up to you.