There is a large group of people who hold this type of belief, that competition shooting is bad. You will find plenty of LEOs and civilians who have been told competition is bad and believe it. Some cite the lack of tactics and others the specialized equipment.

The underlying thing that I have seen is that these folks see themselves as “serious” people and competition shooters as “gamers” who are not serious. No matter how good the competition shooter is he cannot be seen as “serious” because he plays a game; he must be discounted and rejected.

The most vocal of this crowd is the trainer who wants to teach them. This group is much larger than all the competitive shooters combined so there is a lot of MONEY to be made catering to them. That is why the debate rages on and the belief that competition is bad is promoted and protected. Just follow the money to find a school near you to be taught the evils of competition!

– Keith Garcia