So it turns out a “trainer” for a security company is notably unskilled with firearms and managed to shoot one of his fellows while conducting routine maintenance just after returning from teaching a class. Shocking to hear, I know.

Yet another tactical trainer managed a negligent discharge, causing critical but (luckily) non-life threatening injuries. This one just days after another misguided tactical trainer posted (and then removed) a missive concerning imagined issues about competitive shooters. Following the posting of that one, I managed to find eight (!!!) videos on YouTube of police/tactical “trainers” causing actual, real negligent discharges (as opposed to a remote chance of possible, imagined ones) that were caught on video and made public. This took me 30 seconds after typing “police tactical negligent discharge” into a search box.

Also notice the distinct lack of these stories concerning active, skilled competition shooters, or the complete lack of these incidents occurring at competitive events. While no amount of skill can make a person immune from mistakes, training for and competing in higher level, organized events greatly increases skills and significantly reduces the chance such mistakes will be made.

At least this security/tactical trainer that shot his comrade didn’t develop any bad habits by attending competitive shooting events…

Security guard injured in weapon cleaning accident, police say
April 18, 2015
Originally reported by KSL TV in Utah

SOUTH JORDAN — A security officer was hospitalized with a gunshot wound Saturday after he was accidentally struck by a fellow colleague who was cleaning his weapon.

Investigators said the incident happened just prior to 9 a.m. South Jordan police officers responded to a 911 call of a shooting at 859 W. South Jordan Parkway at a business that housed a firearms training facility.

Authorities said a group of security guards had just come back to the business after conducting firearms training at another facility. The security officers were preparing to clean their weapons when one of the men failed to verify his gun was clear of live rounds, said South Jordan police master officer Samuel Winkler. The weapon discharged, striking a 24-year old man in the abdomen.

The victim, who was not identified, was rushed to Intermountain Medical Center in critical condition. He was later reported to be stable and his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening, Winkler said.

“This appears to be a tragic accident,” he said. “It’s also a reminder that firearms needed to be treated as if they are always loaded and to use a double-check system when handling firearms for transport and cleaning. You can never be too careful when it comes to firearms safety.”