Finger Roll
by John Tate

“Finger roll” is my term, but the flaw is far from limited to me.

I conducted a short firearms class this week. Regarding “GRIP,” one of the comments I made about a two handed grip was, “Watch the fingers. If a shooter hasn’t built a good grip, they will rebuild it between shots.

The video at the link below shows this well, mainly with a two-hand grip, but also a few times with a one-hand grip. Be sure to watch the segment after the two-minute mark. The lady is worse when she doesn’t have the extended 30-round magazine to hold.

What’s the problem? Poorly built grip.

What’s the effect? Lost time for follow-on shots.

What’s the remedy? Build a good, solid grip and HOLD it.

Finally, watch other shooters; if they do this, odds are they don’t know they doing it. You will help them if you tell them.