Given the gloom of how poorly some in law enforcement handle their firearms, it’s nice to have a positive report showing good results for an officer capable of executing solid fundamental marksmanship skills.

The Garland Police Department is saying little about the officer who killed two gunmen on Sunday in a shooting outside a Garland events center, but some of his colleagues are proudly talking about him and his marksmanship skills.

The officer’s name hasn’t been released, but he’s been on the force for 38 years.

He was just about to head back to his patrol car Sunday evening when he saw a man jump out of a car and start shooting at the security guard.

The officer pulled his service weapon, a Glock, from its holster and shot the first gunman, who fell to the ground.

A second gunman got out. The officer took a split-second aim, fired at him, and the suspect fell to the ground.

The President of the Garland Police Officers Association told FOX 4 that if the officer hadn’t done what he did, hundreds of people would have died.

Fundamental skills work, if you bother to work them to a usable level.
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