Everyone enjoys poking holes in targets….zombies, osama, and others…

The true test of one’s capabilities is when tested under stress. Normally one cannot shoot at others to raise the level of stress to that of a deadly force encounter, so the IPSC & IDPA realms are the next best thing. The shooter has the clock, other competitors, and the toughest critic (him or her self) to satisfy with not only a clean run, but fundamentally correct and accurate hits to boot. Anyone that says competition is not worthy of their time is one whom will never reach their true capacity and will forever live with a false sense of confidence. Get out there, train hard, train correctly, and put your skills to the test BEFORE you are faced with an adversary who won’t just count off for C or D zone hits….

– SGM Kelly D. Venden (Ret)., Criterion Tactical

SGM Venden has over 30 years of experience in the military special operations community, as well as federal law enforcement. As a long time former member of the US Army’s (and the world’s) most elite hostage rescue unit, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta (1SFOD-D), Kelly has been involved with some of the most pivotal and studied military special operations missions in modern special operations history.

His duties also included the development and implementation of advanced marksmanship training programs directed towards progression from individual to tactical team employment, with a focus on Close Quarter Battle (CQB) drills, Hostage Rescue, Vehicle Interdiction, aircraft takedown scenarios, surgical breaching and demolition, and other special operations offensive and defensive tactics. He continues to teach for SIG Academy and has taught for Spartan Tactical, TigerSwan Inc., and the Combating Terrorism Center (West Point). Kelly is also a certified firearms instructor with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).

In addition, Kelly also served with the Federal Air Marshall Service in designing and implementing a firearms training curriculum for the agency. In this capacity, he created one of the famous pistol standards tests now known as the Triple Nickel.