A range report from SFC Charles Parker, USAR Marksmanship Program.

I shot at the 1000 yard line recently with SSG Anderson on Scott Mountain at Fort Knox from top of the Connex Building.

See what you all are missing!

I tried a new upper built with a 20-inch White Oak DMR Barrel fluted under the handguards with a 1:8″ twist, a Daniel Defense Free Float Tube/Rail, and 4X ACOG.

With this upper, Anderson was able to hold 6 of 10 shot on a steel man-sized silhouette and I was able to hold 5 of 10 on the steel. That’s about 1.7 MOA wide at that distance. We needed just a “tiny bit” of hold over at 1000 and, of course, there is no freaking wind on Scott Mountain (lol :)

This pic of the SR target (normally shot at 200 yards) was shot at 600 yards. While it’s not a “Norman Anderson group” the bullseye (9 ring) is just over 12 inches and the 15 rounds on target were fired at a rapid fire pace of two to three seconds per shot. That 4X scope on a two MOA bull is a challenge at 600 yards for sure but the WO Barrel is the shizzzznuts!

PS. Don’t make fun of my fat head!