From Nicholas M. Y.
USPSA A77838

You know what the problem with tactical timmies is? There is never (or rarely) any test.

If I want to get a vague idea of whether some USPSA guy I’ve never heard of has any idea what he’s talking about, I just go over to handy, punch in his member number and look at his classifications and match results. I will immediately have a very good idea of how he performs against the field. It is hard to fake classifications, and even harder to fake match results. Being measured can be hard, especially on the ego. The stats don’t lie and are there for all to see. When a competitor walks up to a stage and throws down, there will be hard numbers that show whether that guy practiced enough to make that shot better than the next guy, whether he brought gear that works, and any number of other preparations that need to be made to perform well in a match.

Timmies have no such concerns. They can believe in whatever technique they want. They can justify all manner of gun handling, shooting, lack of practice, basically anything and everything; whatever floats their boat… and they will probably NEVER have to validate it in a win/lose environment.

I’m sure a small handful of the “hero” instructors served this country with great distinction, were on the leading edge of new developments in combat training, and had the opportunity to evaluate said doctrine in life and death situations, and teach good classes. I’d bet a much greater number with very vague (or just non-existent) backgrounds (because OPSEC) can hoodwink many people out there, and convince them to pay tons o’ cash for classes in something that they themselves have never employed in the environment they are teaching about.

And there will never be any test, at least with results that they will be sharing. No test of the students. No test of the instructor. So you can be “right” in your head… forever.

What the gamer does somehow isn’t real, even though he actually does it.
What the tactical timmie does is real, even though he never really does it.

I suppose this truth will never become popular as it ruins the fantasy for those believing they have prepared their whole lives for something that will probably never occur, especially not in the manner they’ve imagined.