From John Tate.

The story below has several important lessons.

(1) Note the lack of facts such as when and where. That’s a clue – because the story is false. (I challenge you to find them.)

(2) The “where” would be enormously important. If a constitution-hostile jurisdiction like New York (remember the 1984 Bernard Goetz incident), the fictional Miss Montgomery would be in jail. Same for New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, etc.

(3) Any sane jurisdiction recognizes the doctrine of proportionality. Here, an armed, single woman confronted by seven unarmed men may reasonably use deadly force because she (a) has been battered, and (b) may reasonably expect to suffer deadly force injuries unless she successfully defended herself.

I’d add a fourth point: Beware confirmation bias. A quick scan of the comments below that article indicates many people would really like this story to be true.

I’ve pointed out a number of times that many popular myths propagate because people continue to repeat nonsense without verifying if the claim actually ever happened.

This can happen with stories you might like as well.