Here’s how it began, as told by the original author:

I know that similar stories are repeated over and over again around the country, but that doesn’t mean that this one shouldn’t be told.

After 70 years of safe operation our pistol range is closed indefinitely and its rifle range is threatened with closure.

It seems that a few Saturdays ago, a local fireman was “teaching” his 21-year-old daughter how to shoot his 9mm Glock. They deny it, but it seems that she shot over the berm and the bullet ended up in the garage door of a private residence about 2000 feet away.

This was just what our local anti-gun kooks were waiting for. They are now in high gear, demanding that the rifle range and perhaps even the trap range be shut down permanently. Among their “facts” are that “nobody needs to use such high power handguns”, and “the only purpose for FMJ is to kill people and it should be banned”, etc. ad nauseum.

Since the majority of the local city council is composed of ultra-left enviro-kooks (along with its population), it’s likely that this attempt will succeed. The police department is on the side of the club, but only because they get to shoot at the club for free and otherwise would have to drive 50 miles to the next range that would let them train.

The local TV stations have jumped all over this, of course with no facts and plenty of “this is why shooting ranges should be banned” propaganda.

It isn’t, in fact, verified that this is where the bullet came from. It’s a 9mm bullet, and the gal was firing a 9mm; but as noted above they deny that she shot over the berm and tests on the bullet are still pending.

The club is going to try to install some additional barriers over the berm, but it doesn’t have the $100K or required for a complete enclosure.