>> The local media has a blackout on *any* shooting information. As in, it refuses to print anything about any shooting events at *any* range *anywhere*. They stopped printing information about public events such as dinners, ever since a newcomer went a few years ago and was offended by seeing animal heads on the wall.

An effective PR campaign requires two releases (a pre-event announcement and post-event follow-up) for each event. Unless you can tell me that your club is running at least eight news-worthy events a year, that you’ve sent two pieces of well written publicity for each event to every media outlet in a reasonable driving radius, and that you’ve been doing this consistently for more than three years, your local “media blackout” may be perceived rather than real.

>> The local newspapers are: The local rag (rabidly anti-gun), the county newspaper (somewhat anti gun) and the state newspapers (rabidly anti gun.) Yesterday, the local island paper carried an editorial calling for the club to be ejected on the grounds that the club “brought a tiger into our peace-loving community” and it’s the club’s fault that “the tiger escaped.”

>> Never mind that the club has been there decades before any of those homes, or that the homes have a covenant on their deeds stating that the owner knows that there’s a shooting range nearby and accepts that fact. They also claim that nobody needs such a powerful gun as a 9mm Glock…

>> The county newspaper is the best bet for any releases, but they’ve turned anti in recent years. They have told me that by policy they aren’t printing anything relating to shooting or hunting any more.

Hmmm, seems pretty clear. Maybe this is a case of anti-gun censorship? A true media blackout? Maybe not….