>> [Pro-gun information] only appears in shooting-related newsletters.

What percentage of area gun owners receive these newsletters? What percentage of these local recipients are members of your club? What percentage of the club members participate in club events regularly?

>> Define “blackout.” As in, it refuses to print anything about any shooting events at *any* range *anywhere*. It is hard to deny that there is bias against the NRA, gun owners and the shooting sports.

Rule of thumb: A statement suggesting something is always true all the time is usually false. True absolutes like this rarely exist. Here’s an an example.

The NRA spent a bunch of money to have the Media Research Center (http://www.mediaresearch.org) conclude that media gun bias exists. The report specifically labelled ABC’s “Good Morning America” and host Diane Sawyer among the worst offenders.

Around the same time this study was conducted a shooting school offering free submachine gun shooting lessons managed to get numerous positive stories aired and printed in mainstream media sources, such as ABC’s “Good Morning America” (with Sawyer herself introducing the piece), NBC’s “Special Edition”, the New York Times, LA Times, London Times, UPN, and the BBC.

That organization turned to media outlets only after the NRA steadfastly refused to carry these same stories in its publications. They earned press by following a process that the NRA doesn’t do for its membership.

The process of effective promotion is:


  1. Do something interesting.
  2. Tell people about it.
  3. Repeat.

>> Press Releases are no good if nobody sees them.

Not necessarily. The editor sees it. No publicist gets *everything* published, which is why they think in terms of campaigns. If you’re consistently sending well-written material, at worst, they know you’re serious. Many clubs aren’t taken seriously as a well-run organization because they don’t do anything to appear they are a well-run organization.

If you’ve been promoting things well you’ll have dozens of samples. Why don’t you submit a few samples so we can see what you’ve been up to? Unless you’ve never bothered to promote anything, in which case your lack of pro gun stories is due to failing on one of the three steps above (or all three.)