>> The local media has a blackout on *any* shooting information. As in, it refuses to print anything about any shooting events at *any* range *anywhere*. The county newspaper is the best bet for any releases, but they’ve turned anti in recent years. They have told me that by policy they aren’t printing anything relating to shooting or hunting any more.

Yes, that’s your claim. I did a little research and found articles printed about your range’s incident in two papers: The Bainbridge Island Review (the local island paper) and The Sun in Bremerton, Washington (the local county paper.)

Seeing as you said that “by policy they [The Sun] aren’t printing anything relating to shooting or hunting any more” I thought I would ask for myself. Contact info was prominently displayed from a link on top of the home page at their website.

Subject: local sports events

I help run sports clubs and would like to know your policy on printing event notices and press releases for local events and participants. I’m specifically interested in shooting sports, safety and training classes, etc. Thanks! John Buol

Here was their response:

RE: local sports events
Hi John! We’ll gladly run your event notices and other information on our weekly Outdoors page, which hits the streets every Thursday. E-mail any of that type information to our outdoors guru, [name and email withheld for posting]

Thanks for your interest,
[Name, phone, and email withheld for pulic online posting]
Sports Editor The Sun Bremerton, Washington

I don’t know what “policy” prevented notices in the past, but it looks like you have an “in.” Exploit it! Send info on every newsworthy even you run. Create events if you have to.

Hint: “Dinners” and meetings probably are not newsworthy. Matches, classes, and similar events are.

Do it yourself, hire an assistant, or affiliate with an organization that does it for you. Do it for at least eight events a year for the next three to five years.

Victory! We broke the media blackout! So, what was the response?!?