Many people complaining about “training scars” rarely have anything of value to add. It’s a concern and catch phrase popular with the incompetent. Quite often these same complainers will completely contradict themselves.

An example how this goes down. First, someone posts a shooting video.

Then, someone else feels compelled to comment what was “wrong.”

How about you do drills where you have to take cover and shoot through cover instead of dick in the wind drills where you are standing out in the middle of nowhere. I’m sure this situation would happen but most of the time you will be taking cover so that you don’t get easily shot.

So, what does this self-appointed tactical genius offering unwanted advice do instead? What does he post online to demonstrate how he avoids these “problems”? Here’s a video posted by said commenter showing how he does range stuff:

Any fool can make idiotic comments claiming anything is “incorrect.” It does not mean they can do it better.