Competition for competition’s sake is about the truth. In shooting, too many people show up with built-in excuses why the results don’t mean anything.

Nate Perry

It’s arguable that gym and fitness activity likely has as much myth and misinformation floating around as shooting and gun activity. Competition is the ideal, and sometimes the only, way to sort through the nonsense and find truth. Something proven to consistently work in competition is proven to consistently work.

Here’s an example from champion powerlifter Layne Norton.

“If you only compete in competitions you know you can win, you’re a coward. That says something about your level of integrity. It’s disrespectful to your competition and to yourself to avoid showing up.”

-Layne Norton

I’d also add to Mr. Norton’s wisdom, if you never compete (regardless of the excuses for avoiding doing so) you’re still a coward. Developing a winning a mindset requires going out and trying to win at something challenging. Cowering from such challenges can never develop a winning mindset.

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Here is Layne Norton winning his class at the 2014 USAPL Nationals.