Arkansas State Capitol Police Firearms Qualification

It should be noted this was posted by the Arkansas State Capitol Police as promotional material demonstrating their prowess. More disappointing than the low level of performance is the fact an agency with arrest powers tasked with State Capitol security felt this was something worth putting out to the public. It’s one thing to be forced with under-trained personnel but it’s worse when there’s no realization of that fact.

UPDATE: Arkansas State Capitol Police pulled the video posted above. Perhaps they do have a sense of shame afterall. It took about 60 seconds to find three more relevant examples demonstrating the point.

Of course, some commenters pointed out the lack of tactical, Dynamical Critically Incidented shooting and movement. Like the Capital Police, they lost the plot. They’re worried about kung fu fighting with a group desperately struggling with fundamentals on an easy, fixed, basic, elementary qualification course. It’s like worrying about teaching new football plays and field strategy to a group of people incapable of tackling a run up a flight of stairs or even just walking particularly fast.

Debunking the Police Qualification Myth

While it would have been useful to include what USPSA Classifications the tested shooters held when this was recorded, it’s apparent these are local club shooters and not top-flight competitors. I mean no criticism or disrespect, just pointing out this is a demo by typical, local hobby competitors compared to one of the better police qualification standard. Every organized practical shooting club has people shooting this well or better.

The fundamental skill needed at the high end of USPSA C class (the lowest earned classification) is approximately 200-300% higher than that needed to earn high or “perfect” marks on most law enforcement and military qualifications.