I wish there was a way to transfer information to people in a way they could understand when it disagrees with their beliefs. I am when teaching, spending more and more time unlearning people from their discussion oriented opinions. Often what sounds good is not true. Or possible. Or easy.

The truth is the techniques involved in shooting well are rather simple. Just very hard to do well. I find many who struggle to perform well believe it is due to lack of knowledge. Frequently it is a lack of skill and/or talent. This is very hard to accept for some.

The beauty of the Internet is the ease with which opinions can be presented. The weakness is that info may be wrong.

Assume this; if something seems hard to do, then it probably is. Anything that requires great skill and talent to do well is probably hard. Those that do difficult things well usually work at it, in real time, not in theory or discussion. Shooting is one of those types of things.

I enjoy a good discussion as well as anyone, but the truths I have discovered from all these years of training and testing lead me to believe that skill is more easily developed on the range than on the keyboard. Funny as I am typing this now…

I have found I am often not able to get the results with a technique I had hoped for. The technique is often not at fault. Many times I am not good enough at a technique to make it work. That then takes you down another road…

Sorry for the rant. I just read a post somewhere by someone who chose to comment with a very traditional yet incorrect view on a subject often misunderstood. I get that we all like to put our two cents worth in, but saying blue is green because everyone you know says blue is green does not make blue green.