If I were a hunting guide I’d use Tracking Point rifles exclusively.

From what I’ve read and seen, the biggest complaint of hunt guides/professional hunters is their clients lack of fitness and marksmanship. “Skill and sport” is not what most of these folks are interested in, regardless of their Walter Mitty fantasies.

Consider that big game hunters represent one of the largest demographics of American gun owners and there isn’t a single specific shooting/sporting discipline for them. Yes, there is HunterShooter but given that 12 million people purchase big game hunting licenses each year, our participation and event numbers effectively don’t exist.

That’s a huge disconnect. Millions of hunters exist but only a tiny percentage are genuinely interested in the skill and sport of it. Yes, there are hunters that take up HunterShooter, Sporting Rifle, or High Power to improve their shooting skills and match that with hiking, camping, or other vigorous fitness endeavors to be better prepared for the hunting season. It’s disappointing how rare these folks are.