From Tamara Reynolds

Surveillance camera footage gets trotted out an awful lot and used as support for “How people naturally react in gunfights.”

We’re then expected to model our training on the actions of convenience store clerks who haul their boss’s pistol (which they’ve never before fired) out from under the counter to repel boarders, because that’s how we’ll “naturally react”. Or maybe using dash camera footage of an officer who hasn’t done a single dry trigger press since his academy days that wasn’t necessary to field strip his G22.

Whole schools of “teaching gunfighting” have sprung up based on watching grainy black and white footage of The Simpsons‘ Apu backpedaling wildly while shooting a pistol one-handed and covering his eyes with his other flipper because obviously that’s what we’ll “naturally” do. Why is that what we’ll “naturally” do? Well, because we saw this guy do it. Was he ever trained, or did he ever practice, to do anything else? *Shrug* Who knows? It’s what he “naturally” did.

There was a car chase in Lafayette not too many years back that ended with a stabbing and two officers “naturally” doing two different things with their pistols.

BTW, we’re still looking for ANY documentation of a competition shooter getting “killed in the streets” because of some bad habit he picked up in competition. To date, all that has surfaced is reaching, third hand (and further) anecdotes, tall tales, flat out lies, and campfire stories.