Something is going to stop incoming rounds. Let it not be you. Why not give cover a chance?

Those of you who know me know my favorite criticism of many firearms qualification courses of fire (likely the only firearms training an officer will get in a given year), involves standing in front of a simulated threat, shooting at it for a while, and then standing there admiring a few holes, apparently oblivious to the fact that the simulated threat is still standing there … as much of a threat as before.


Now, as you look at the attached IACP fact sheet on ambushes of police, look in particular at the data on page 10. Look at the change in survivability of moving to cover. 68% vice 39%.*

Why might that be?
Moving targets are harder to hit.
Cover neutralizes incoming rounds.
What’s the lesson?

Train (1) going to cover, (2) engaging from cover, (3) reloading while behind cover.


* Yes, that adds to 107% You’ll have to ask IACP about their math anxiety.