Exercising your rights means just that.

Exercise requires taking action, getting trained, participating in other people’s events and/or hosting your own.

Exercise your rights by going out to actually do it and getting others involved.

Firearm User Network merely offer proven guidelines and suggestions on ways to better conduct that exercise for best results. More importantly, we offer tools that make facilitating this much easier. Our formats are quick and easy to administer, safe, inexpensive, effective and fun for the participant. We offer incentives to those who benefit from our programs and we formally acknowledge the contributions and accomplishments of active marksmen and event directors by promoting them within their local community.

You don’t have to use Firearm User Network services or conduct these events to exercise your rights. Get involved with another organization or create and run events on your own if you like. However, if you aren’t doing something that organizes yourself and gets others involved, you’re failing to exercise your rights.