Our program seeks ranges, hunting guides, shooting preserves, and any other business or non-profit organization that offers marksmanship opportunities for gun owners.

Lets say you wisely decide to host marksmanship events as a means to promote your organization or business. This entails three factors:

– Operations, or physically running an event. This is setting up shooting courses and targets, signing up and running participants through those courses, scoring targets, notating the results, etc.

– Administration, or preparatory and follow up work for each event. This is building and maintaining a web site for the group/club/range, maintaining contact lists of participants and other interested people, processing scores and tabulating event results, updating the web site, writing and sending out newsletters for the events, etc.

– Marketing, or promoting the events. This is notifying the local community of the events, and consequently, your business or organization. Maintaining contact lists of prospects, writing press releases for the events, contacting local media and getting the events (and your organization or business) in the local news.

Our service greatly automates all these tasks. Typical individual tasks can be accomplished, start to finish, in about one minute’s time. Management of complete events that would normally require about four or more person-hours of office work can now be completed with greater effect in mere minutes.

It works for local shooters who want organized events but don’t enjoy the hassle of running them. It works for local hunting and shooting businesses who want to sponsor regular hunting and shooting events but don’t have the time to make them truly effective. It will work for you.