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How to improve your handgun accuracy

by Anthony Maldonado

When using a gun, it is IMPORTANT to focus on your accuracy. Accuracy is one of the most important skills when it comes to operating a gun. You can improve your accuracy by practicing shooting at a particular target. It takes a lot of time and energy, but it is worth to spend some time in practicing this skill.


Before you start practicing accuracy, you need to prepare your gun. This means that you need to “feel “ the trigger before you pull it. Do not do this when the gun is loaded. You may make this mistake and the bullet may go in a direction we do not want to. First, you need to unload your gun and remove the bullets. Reset the action on your weapon and balance a piece of spent brass on the front sight. Now, execute a smooth, clean press of the trigger. If you do this correctly, the front sight will not dip or move and the brass will stay in place. If the brass falls off, you are generally jerking the trigger and causing movement in the gun. That movement translates into missed shots.

When you want to practice accuracy, you need to find a safe place for that. The place where you practice needs to be away from people and from the other public places. When you practice you need to unload the gun and check whether the gun is clean. After that you should try to feel the trigger. This means that you need to memorize in which point of pressing the trigger, the bullet will come out. When you load the gun with some bullets in order to practice your accuracy, you can use some plastic bullets called “ snap cups “. These bullets are safe for you and for the environment where you practice accuracy. Learning to focus on your front sight is crucial to properly development of your accuracy skills. You must keep your sights properly aligned on your target while you squeeze the trigger with just the right amount of backwards pressure required to discharge a round of ammunition.

Keep Patient
Accuracy cannot be improved in a day. It takes a lot of time and patience for this thing. This means that you need to learn to be patient, to take your time, to learn how to “ feel “ your gun, and how to become self – disciplined and have a greater self – control. You should not be discouraged if you fail to reach our target after shooting just several times. Accuracy is not just a skill, it is a technique that many people use it in order to succeed and become a better shooter such as police officers, members of the army, security staff, bodyguards, and so on. You also need to stay focused on holding your gun right, on feeling the trigger and knowing how to press it and how much pressure to use for that. Also, you need to pay attention to the target, to your sight, and to the alignment. You can also hire an instructor if you feel like you need some help with this. Anyways, it requires a lot of practice, so you need to consider practicing shooting from different distances and different angles and also you can move your target in different heights and in different places. When shooting, do not use the gun only once. Some real – life situations may require shooting several times in order to reach the target. So, if you think you have missed your target, shot one more or several times more.


As a conclusion to this, we can say that accuracy is very important when it comes to using a gun. You must practice a lot in order to improve your accuracy. You must choose a safe place for practicing and also it would be better to have some plastic bullets with you in order to avoid some possible danger. Unload your gun and after you make sure there are no bullets in it, you can try to feel the trigger in order to make sure how much pressure do you need to make with your finger so that the bullets can come out. You need to stay focused while practicing accuracy and eliminate all the sounds around you and eliminate the thoughts in your mind. It is not easy to improve your accuracy, so give yourself time for that and focus on your target, on centering the gun towards the target and on reaching the target.