“I’d love to try competitive shooting, but I don’t have the money it takes”

Is this actually a valid reason to avoid competition? It might be for a person that doesn’t already own a firearm and isn’t already going shooting on a semi-regular basis. Otherwise, probably not.

For a person that already possesses a firearm, dry practice is free. The cost to attend a local match will be about the same as plinking the same number of rounds.

While attending an event at a range new to me, the Match Director gave me a tour of their facility. Mid conversation we heard someone in a different bay rip off an extended blast while bump firing probably two dozen rounds.

“Oh, that’s just one of the locals that never attends our matches because he says he can’t afford to shoot competition,” the MD said with a laugh.

At a different event, Bill Wilson informed our group that his company’s “Texas Barbeque Special” outsells their competition-specific models even though the BBQ gun is more expensive.

If a gun owner wants to become more skillful and test skills in a competitive environment, they’ll likely be able to find a way.