Are You Getting Tired or Getting Better?
by Joe DeFranco

Any coach [or drill sergeant] can make you tired, but it takes a true pro to make you stronger, faster, and more flexible. Athletes need to be aware of this, and so do regular gym-goers when they choose a class to take or a training program to follow. Unfortunately, they don’t always distinguish between getting tired and getting better.

Let’s say that two performance coaches were preparing two different athletes to improve their 40-yard dash times. Coach A spends an hour teaching his athlete the proper track stance and first-step technique. Coach B makes his athlete perform jumping jacks for an hour straight. The athlete who did jumping jacks for an hour would be more tired than the other athlete. But the other athlete got BETTER during his workout.

The Lesson

Athletes must be very careful when hiring a performance coach. There are a lot of uneducated coaches out there who make up for their lack of knowledge by just beating the crap out of their athletes. A lot of personal trainers do the same thing, including those selling ebooks and online programs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for hard work. I just like to make sure the hard work has a reason and a purpose.