The Comfort Cling holster from Clinger Holsters is basically a pocket holster that can be tucked and positioned like an IWB holster. Rather than the usual belt loop or clips you’d expect, this soft, gel-filled holster is held in place by friction.

The Comfort Cling is made up of three layers. The outside layer of a non-slip pleather-like material which provides friction to the inside of a pocket or waistband and helps keep it in place. The center layer is a gel-like padding material that allows the waistband to squish in a little and get firm purchase on the outside. The layer inside in contact with the firearm is a low-friction material that makes for a low resistance presentation. These multiple layers provide a “sticky” grabbing surface outside without grabbing on the inside during the draw.

Because there’s no loops or clips, the Comfort Cling is ambidextrous. Being essentially a pouch/pocket holster, two models can accommodate a wide range of handguns. The Full Size accommodates double stack and larger handguns and the Compact is best for smaller, single stack pistols. Revolvers are not currently supported.