Operator Readiness Test from Redback One Training
The Operator Readiness Test was developed as a baseline assessment to test several key weapons manipulation skills relevant to fighting in close quarters.

Three tier levels of time allow for Unit / Agency benchmarking of individuals or sub-units.

Tier-1: 15 seconds
Tier-2: 18 seconds
Tier-3: 20 seconds

Individual skills being assessed during the ORT are: High Ready presentations, sustained recoil management, pistol change overs, combat reloads, reduced target size for extreme accuracy. The test is shot cold and on demand from 7-yards using the Redback One Zero target. The test must be performed in the presence of multiple observers where possible in order to place the student under performance pressure.

This is a test that should not be practiced. The elements of competency required for the test should trained and practice repetitions should be high to build correct neural pathways to success.

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