by Jay Chambers

Technology is evolving at a very fast pace, and in terms of shotguns, you get more and more options as time goes by. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if we saw major improvements in the gun industry in the years to come, considering the rapid growth in options.

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One of the things that make an important part of the shotgun and the entire hunting experience is the laser. Lasers will help you aim much better – thus, you’ll be able to enjoy an enhanced experience. So, which laser options are best for your shotgun?

What Should You Consider when Buying a Laser Sight for Your Shotgun?

When you’re about to start looking for laser options for your shotgun, there are some things to keep in mind before making the purchase. The laser needs to meet certain requirements so it can satisfy all your needs. Having said that, make sure to consider the following aspects when buying your laser:

  • Green or Red Laser?

You have the option to pick between green and red laser sight, depending on your preference. The cool thing is that each one of them has its advantages, so you will not have anything to lose.

With green laser light, you will be able to see better in brighter lighting conditions, suitable for when you’re using the shotgun during the day when the sun is shining. However, it is harder to find compared to red lasers.

Red lasers are easy to find and they consume less battery power while being more affordable in general.

  • Follow-Up Service Availability

When looking for a laser, make sure that the one you’re considering has an available customer call center or replacement batteries, as well as an installation manual. Also, make sure the product is not imported if you want to be sure you’ll be covered in case something goes wrong.

  • What You’re Using the Shotgun for

Now, it only makes sense that you would use a laser on your shotgun for hunting, but would you need one if you are using the gun for home defense? After all, if you want a laser you can handle properly, it must be suitable for the task. So, if you own a Benelli M4, for instance, which is one of the greatest models ever made, you need a laser that works with it.

Well, you can find special lasers that can be mounted on home-defense shotguns too. You only have to do more research and get a laser that fits your shotgun – especially if you have a smaller model.

  • What Firearm Fits the Laser Light or Sight

One of the main considerations, if not the main one, is to ensure you’re buying a laser that fits your particular firearm model. There are many firearms available, but not all lasers will be suitable for them.

Luckily, many lasers manufactured nowadays are made to work with the majority of the shotguns, being created for universal use. You only need to know where to find these products and carefully check out the specifications to make sure they offer the benefits you’re looking for.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Shotgun-Mounted Laser?

Using a laser on a shotgun can prove to be very beneficial for multiple reasons.

The main reason is that it will help you have a proper aim when shooting. Instead of pressing your face against the shotgun’s stock when you need to shoot, you have the laser showing you where to aim. As a result, you will shoot accurately and hit the target.

The bad thing about pressing your face on the stock is that a big percentage of your peripheral vision will be eliminated, which is not what you’re going for. The laser lets you keep your head up and have the most accurate shot.

Also, a shotgun-mounted laser can be a great alternative for someone who’s just getting started with shooting and trying to improve their skills. The laser will help train your skills and become better at aiming, something that is going to help you a lot in the future.

Not to mention that when dealing with low-light conditions, you will be thankful for having the little laser. It will still be visible and show you where you have to shoot.

What Are the Best Laser Options for a Shotgun?

As mentioned, the best laser depends on the shotgun you own or intend to buy. But as an idea, here are some qualitative lasers.

The Crimson Trace CMR-206 is not only a laser from a top-brand, but it’s also a green laser light, which will be great if you’re going to use the gun in lighter conditions. It has great range, being able to deliver light up to 50 feet, a very amazing feature. It’s easy to use no matter which your dominant hand is, and the controls are not hard to understand either. Since there are different models for this too, you will have an easier time finding one for a particular application.

TACTICON also has some amazing lasers with one of them being the TACTICON laser sight – this is not too expensive, yet it maintains its qualities. It is a red laser and will work amazingly in dark conditions. It can also be used during the day within 100 feet. If you own a Weaver or Picatinny rail, this laser will fit them.

The Streamlight TLR-6 is also a great option if you want something cheaper. It’s a red laser and it can be used for your self-defense pistol. What’s more, the batteries can be changed, and you can do so without removing the laser from your gun. Keep in mind that you can find multiple versions for this laser, which means you can find one for your shotgun if you search carefully enough.

Final Thoughts

If you intend to buy a laser for your shotgun, you need to take into consideration various aspects and choose the right one. Hopefully, this article offered you some valuable tips so that you can find the proper shotgun laser for you.