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Typically, most hunters and gun enthusiasts will have a blend of shotguns, rifles with an optic system for the long-distance shot, and at least one AR15 semi-automatic with either an LPVO or a magnified reflex sight attached to the upper receiver in their gun cabinets. What’s interesting is that many of the pistols you may see as part of a hunter or gun enthusiasts’ arsenal, regardless of whether they’re of the semi-automatic variety or a six-shot revolver, will probably have traditional iron sights.

Most veteran gun enthusiasts will tell you that shooting with iron sights is a classic and tried-and-true method for aiming a pistol. While this is true, what you’ve probably discovered is that you need to adjust how you sight in on a target every time you switch from pistols with iron sights to your AR15 or long-gun with magnified optical or red dot systems. With that in mind, you’ll probably make the next logical decision to move to having red dot optical systems on all your firearms.  When it comes to picking the best red dot sight for you, here are three of the best in the business you’ll certainly want to consider.


Known for producing some of the best optical systems in the country, Trijicon offers this ruggedized miniature reflex or RMR red dot optical system at a price of just under four hundred and sixty dollars. What makes this RMR red dot arguably one of the best on the market is the number of benefits Trijicon includes in this optical system for the price.

Starting with an adjustable LED RMR that sports 3.25 MOA, the Trijicon Type 2 also features automatic brightness adjustment and eight different brightness adjustments, which are easily accessible and operated with the touch of a finger. For low or no light situations, Trijicon includes a couple of night vision settings and a Super Bright adjustment that ensures you’ll never lose sight of your red dot, regardless of the targeting contrast. 

The Trijicon RMR red dot also features a unique, patented housing of military-grade aluminum alloy forged housing that directs the forces of even the harshest environment away from the lens. This RMR Type 2 red dot from Trijicon also features glass that promotes unbelievable clarity and helps you see the target and the background precisely as they appear with almost no color distortion. Trijicon manufactures this RMR Type 2 red dot with unlimited eye relief and is parallax-free at any distance. Factor in a limited lifetime warranty and actual color multicoated lenses at an affordable price point, and you’ve got a winner you’ll be proud to mount on your pistol.


Although the Trijicon RMR Type 2 may be the best overall red dot optical system on the market, Aimpoint has one of the very best red dots for automatic pistols you’re likely to find. The Aimpoint ACRO optical system is another top choice of red dot sights at an affordable price of just under four hundred and fifty dollars. Not only does the Aimpoint ACRO feature fantastic lens clarity, but because of its multi-coating, the Aimpoint Pro lens also presents a bluish tint to the target and background.

You may wonder why this blue tint is such a game-changer, but all it will take is one targeting instance, and you’ll understand. While the multicoated lenses on the Aimpoint ACRO offers a maximum light collection and unlimited eye relief, the blue tint of the reticle makes the red dot more prominent and easier to see.

Aimpoint manufactures the ACRO, with capped windage and elevation turrets that are easily accessed, and each adjustment offers a resounding click that makes adjustment quick and easy. Although the magnification of the ACRO is only 1X, this reflex sight from Aimpoint will perform excellently in almost every type of shooting or hunting experience you’ll probably come across.

Another thing that sets the Aimpoint ACRO Red Dot apart from all the others is the number of warranty packages Aimpoint offers on this optic system. Suppose you’ve chosen this red dot reflex for use in competition. In that case, Aimpoint provides a two-year, limited warranty specifically for the competitive professional. For the regular consumer, Aimpoint offers an astonishing ten-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. When it comes to your shooting needs, Aimpoint covers all the shooting and protection bases with the Aimpoint ACRO regardless of the warranty package you choose.


While both the sights from Trijicon and Aimpoint represent quality red dots in a semi-affordable range, the Burris FASTFIRE 3 is a perfect choice for any budget-conscious pistol owner seeking to upgrade your sighting ability without breaking the bank. For a little over one hundred dollars, the Burris FASTFIRE 3 features many of the same excellent qualities as more expensive red dot optical systems.

What’s particularly unique about the FASTFIRE 3 is a battery life of almost five years, unlimited eye relief, and compact and durable housing that can take a beating and still maintain zero. Featuring three to eight MOA adjustments, the Burris FASTFIRE 3 represents a more affordable and user-friendly micro-dot system that enables rapid target acquisition for less money than most optics of its kind on the market. Factor in the Burris Forever Warranty, which means never having to worry about your pistol’s optic system breaking down, and you’ve got an inexpensive shooting optic you can depend on for years.

Things To Know About Red Dots

There are, however, several benefits you’ll gain when choosing to move to red dot optical systems on your pistol. With a red dot, you’ll discover an immediate increase in the accuracy of a long or close up shot because a red dot offers an unobstructed view of the target. Also, target acquisition with a red dot system is far more intuitive, requiring you to line up the red dot on the place you intend to hit and fire.

In essence, using a red dot optical allows you to focus on the target instead of the iron post of a traditional iron sight configuration. If you’ve noticed that sighting on a front iron post causes things to get a little blurry lately, a red dot is easier to see and will vastly improve your ability to regain excellent target acquisition. Depending on your budget, a red dot optic from either Trijicon, Aimpoint, or Burris is undoubtedly the way to go when you want to up your sighting game.