Ares Armor ATF Coloring Book

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Dimitrios Karras of Ares Armor noticed some discrepancies concerning the BATFE release of ATF Rul. 2015-1, specifically, their inconsistencies in ruling what exactly construes a receiver, a weapon, and the manufacture thereof.

Karras states the issue with a formal letter to B. Todd Jones, Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives:

Given the problems with BATFE personnel understanding the technical and legal ramifications of their ruling, Karras provides a coloring book version describing the issue in crayon.

Tactical Fire

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Best part is how similar a video like this looks and sounds to “real” training.

Tactical trainers are easy to make fun of because they insist on coming across as douchebag clowns.

Folks, stick to working on and improving fundamental skills and abilities. Set and achieve measurable goals. Learn how to learn. Participate in shooting, fitness and other skill/capability tests and/or competitions to validate that you have in fact gained improvement.

The very fact you are willing to organize your effort, search for a yardstick to measure improvement and actually follow through with something puts you ahead of more than 90% of the crowd, including those pretending to be instructors and taking money from the unsuspecting, gullible “tactical” public. When/if you are presented an actual task/mission to prepare for, you’ll quickly be able to ramp up to meet it. The difficult task of developing fundamental skills and abilities will have been done and your mental fortitude will be bolstered by developing the discipline to see difficult work through.

Or don’t. Why listen to me? Put on your MARPAT Multicam Nomex ninja suit and have fun at Tactical Fantasy Camp!

Sweep The Leg Tactical Drill


Do you have a problem with that?

– No, Sensei.

No mercy.


Important Tactical Drill


I once saw soldiers at Fort Bragg doing something like this. True story.

YouTube Summary of Every Tactical Video Ever Made


Tactical Truth or Joke?

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Which of the videos below were intended to be serious and which ones intended to be funny? Sometimes it’s difficult to tell…











Every War Story Ever Told

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