Analysis: “The only purpose of a gun”

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Analysis: “The only purpose of a gun is to kill”

Gun Control Claim: Guns have only one purpose, and that is to kill. AR-15 rifles specifically are meant to kill as many people as efficiently as possible.

This claim comes up over and over again, not only in comments sections online but straight from politicians’ mouths. When people make this claim, they’re trying to set up a discussion on demonstrating “need” when exercising a right, which is never used in considering any other rights. The most usual response is to provide examples of lawful uses that gun owners engage in every single day.

Rather than provide counter-examples of lawful uses, let’s hit this one head-on.

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RIP Jack Arcularius

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Jack Arcularius was laid to rest during a ceremony at Camp Perry prior to the 2022 National Trophy Match. Jack was a retired Marine, Vietnam Veteran and father of SFC John Arcularius.

Link to ceremony video:

Interview with Jack Arcularius:

Jack Arcularius: Sniper Training History

Training Scars and Shooting Skill

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The “training scar” fallacy is a popular myth that refuses to die. It typically stems from making unsubstantiated claims against some aspect of competitive shooting. The truth is, increased scores in competition is only possible by improving your Shot Process, which will benefit all aspects of weapon use in every environment – on the range and off.
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Motion to Dismiss the NFA of 1934

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Trouble in the Arms Room

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How to avoid trouble in the arms room. Learn and understand Procedures and Regulations.

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Building and bedding match-grade rifles

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Military Handgun Shooting and Maintenance

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Click for a free, thorough overview of Military Handgun Shooting and Maintenance.

Don’t Forget the First Half of the Second Amendment

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To: Ideas at The Atlantic

I read “Don’t Forget the First Half of the Second Amendment” by Thomas P. Crocker with great interest. Please send me your Writer’s Guidelines and I will submit an article covering historical points expanding upon to Mr. Crocker’s piece.

My Ideas article will cover the history of well-regulated firearm ownership in America, including the various Militia Acts put into U.S. law, how the Efficiency in Militia Act of 1903 shaped the current Federal definition of what a militia actually is (not what the NRA says it is), the role of the National Guard in this, and what civilian gun owners are supposed to be doing to be truly well regulated.

For credentials, I’ve served with the U.S. Army Reserve Marksmanship Program for over two decades, have been the editor of American Gunsmith since 2009, and hold five Master/Distinguished national-level marksmanship classifications.

John M. Buol Jr.

Military Marksmanship History, Gun Control Studies

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Shooting Teams and Military Investigations

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