mm-logo-2MilitaryMarksman℠: SHOOT, move, communicate

MilitaryMarksman℠ is the portal and service for improving excellence in small arms skill. Our goals are:

  • Promote improved small arms skills in the military by fostering marksmanship competition
  • Superior, proven ideas for improved training within the military
  • Introduce military shooting programs to civilian marksmen
  • Provide the tools and support to actually make it happen!


Marksmanship programs have come and gone within the military over the course of a century. This ebb and flow sees concerns rise in a crisis (“our Soldiers/Marines have to be ready to fight!”) and fall afterward (“which part of the defense budget can we trim first.”) Worse, any large-scale, public sector training program has to be designed to accommodate the LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) by necessity. Excellence in any small arms program requires seeking out and promoting the best talent. This search cannot be limited to the borders of the military establishment, but should extend to all interested, skilled citizens.

There is a strong precedent for this. The first formal military marksmanship programs came about when commanders with a civilian shooting background structured courses of fire and/or training strategies for improving small arms proficiency. Competitive endeavor has been at the heart of every quality shooting program from the beginning. These programs have originated from both civilian and military sources.

Unfortunately, support for these programs ebb and flow with strained training budgets. At one time, high qualification scored yielded increased base pay. Post and station teams were common. Now qualification is little more than an accounting task. Marines and Soldiers often reshoot the same qualification course every year and most of them will never be offered the chance to shoot on a team or participate in more advanced training.

MilitaryMarksman℠ will reverse this trend. Our program learns from our history by incorporating a variety of shooting programs, military and civilian, and letting any interested party participate. Civilians, and Soldiers/Marines lacking “official” support can shoot these courses as well. The developments from outside the military can be brought into the fold, improving the quality of military marksmanship programs and instructors, yielding higher quality shooters at lowered cost. Plus, it’s a whole bunch of fun!

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