PowerPlinker℠ – Plinking with a Purpose

Plinking, informal shooting at informal targets, is one of the most common uses of privately owned firearms. Other than good firearms safety procedures, there are no rules. Create a shooting challenge for yourself and your friends with whatever targets are at hand and have at it!

So why does an informal activity need an organization?

We believe that plinking, with just a dash of unobtrusive organization, can not only serve up fun times, but can greatly improve the shooting skills of the participants and provide positive, news-worthy events to put a pro-gun spin in your local news.

In a way, competitive shooting is nothing more than organized plinking. The participants agree to use a previously established shooting challenge and have at it, rather than making it up on the spot. The famous trick shooters create shooting challenges designed to “Wow” an audience.

Your plinking games can do the same thing. When you can perform and demonstrate a feat of shooting better than other firearm users, someone should acknowledge and rewarded you for it. If you create and can perform a unique or fun shooting challenge, someone should let other power plinkers know about it so that they may try. If other shooters perform the feat at an even higher level, someone should let the rest of us know.

PowerPlinker℠ provides that “someone” and organizes these efforts for you!

Plinkers can grouped into three broad categories:

  1. Dedicated, skilled, marksmen who aren’t involved in formal shooting programs.
  2. Gun owners and hunters who are safe and responsible, but aren’t normally exercising or improving their marksmanship beyond an elementary level.
  3. Gun owners who damage property and leave a mess.

The last group is beneath contempt. They aren’t shooters, they’re vandals! Every bullet-riddled traffic sign, every pile of shot-up junk left at a shooting facility, every piece of damaged range equipment, every unrecovered, wounded animal left to suffer and die was caused by this last group. This is irresponsible, even criminal, activity caused by a slob who happens to own a firearm. Thankfully, this is a small group. What we need is a sufficient effort to demonstrate to the general public that this small group is indeed a minority and that most of us are more responsible.

The second group is most common and includes most gun owners and hunters. They aren’t causing problems but they are not advancing shooting skills either. Expending ammunition on a range or a hunt without the means of testing and comparing results rarely yields results. Long-time gun owners who finally attend a good shooting school often report that “I learned more in four days than I did in the last ten years!” A decade of untested, inconsequential “experience” can never yield improvement, just as retaking the same grammar-school arithmetic test for ten years won’t teach you Calculus.

The first group is comprised of plinkers whose marksmanship skill is at a top-level and can demonstrate that fact. For example, Ed McGivern established a number of speed pistol shooting records. His shooting challenges were of his own design, not on any established, formal course of fire. McGivern was a plinker! The difference between McGivern and most other plinkers is he demonstrated and proved his claimed prowess against those challenges. Anyone else is welcome to try… or to invent and demonstrate a whole new challenge.

Many gun owners assume they’re in the first group. However, without the means and willingness to demonstrate they can never be. If you have the guts and the skill, we’ll provide the opportunity!

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